The DGRP Rollable Ramp

The DGRP Ramp is simple to use and will have your snowmobile, ATV, lawn mower or golf cart up and loaded in seconds.

Simply drive up and onto the ramp and easily pick up and push the ramp into the back of the truck bed.

This high-grade aluminum ramp sits on 6-inch caster wheel rollers and allows you to easily slide the ramp back and forth, whether loaded or empty.

High-Grade Aluminum Construction
Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 119 × 48 × 3 in

Winter Deal!

$1,695.00 CAD


Shipping to the USA?
Call 705-493-1990 for USA orders.

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First time using ramp, I was a little apprehensive but was very easy. I bought this because I load by myself. Couldn’t be happier.

Mark W.

The easy ability to load and unload your recreational vehicles. And the easy access to the same. A job done well my friends. That idea can only take you to bigger and better things to come. Keep up the great ideas.

Kevan K.

Great workmanship, excellent professional service. Will be happy to refer friends and family. Dillon the owner is a man of his word and delivers quality and service. Highly recommend.
5 stars!

Jamie F.

It’s very easy on the back and very safe way to load.

Elaine B.

Slick system – Ordered 4pm on a Monday Delivered Tuesday…. loading 154″ tracked summit in a 5.5ft box! no more trailering!

Troy F.

Got my sled ramp. Works awesome. Great quality and great guy to deal with!

Shawn D.



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